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In the finale of the Love & Other Lies We Tell series, we dive right back into the lives of the ladies you’ve come to know and love. Find out how it all ends.

Danica Lewis is no stranger to a broken heart, but having survived heartbreak that would’ve killed most people, at best she’s a survivor. A fighter. A persevering damsel in desperate need of real love. Even though the toxic relationship she’s currently stuck in with her abusive, vindictive and unfaithful boyfriend Stone seems an impossible feat, Danica somehow manages to bear it.

The day Cora Sumner walks into a flower shop the last thing she expects is to meet the one person who can truly understand her struggle. Two people meet in an explosive way and Cora learns an invaluable life lesson. Consider the Lilies is a certified tear jerker and a short story experience that will leave you breathless until the very last page.

I know what you did…

First Lady Melinda Daniels never imagined that receiving a text message with five little words would have the power to drive her to seek solace in a bottle of Belvedere. Her life, which usually entails church duties and keeping a tight eye on her husband and children, suddenly spins with mayhem when a secret enemy starts lurking and plotting on her family. And when her deepest darkest secret– that she murdered a woman, is suddenly exposed in front of the entire church, she goes on a mission to find out just who this enemy is.                                  &

Twisted love affairs & Cartier watches have quickly become a way of life for Pastor Malachi Daniels, despite his desires to remain an upstanding husband, father, and man of God. As head pastor of one of the largest mega churches in his city, Malachi has a reputation to uphold. Yet, the skeletons slipping from behind the doors of his lavish closet stand to threaten every little thing he’s worked so hard to attain–and this time, he may just lose it all.

So, what happens when the word of God reigns true? What happens when the hidden secrets of Malachi & Melinda Daniels finally see the light for all to witness?


Wow. This book started out with a bang. I was stuck. The story of Danica and Stone had me shaking my head, blowing out breaths and wanting to jump in the pages. To often stoeies like this are real and so many are in the fight for their lives due to whatever reason for them. Abuse is never okay and to read this story was heart breaking, but in the end, God used Josiah to get His message across. So often, we reject a blessing because of how it looks. Outstanding read. The writer told this story effortlessly and there were no long periods of dialogue. To the point and moving right along. Loved it. Amazon Reviewer

Falling for Josiah Review

I don’t know why I bypassed this book so many times… I was caught up in the first paragraph. This book just flowed; an easy but profound book that dealt with betrayal, molestation, marriage, faith and much more. Not preachy, but an underlying tone that God’s grace is sufficient and just pray. The characters, issues and reactions were real. There was a backstory to the characters so you could relate to what they felt and how they reacted. Amazon Reviewer

Love & Other Lies We Tell Review

Man…There were a lot of things that were touched on in this book…forgiveness, betrayal, generational curses, adultery, fornication, and the list goes on. Very important topics. How do you forgive someone who has betrayed you not once but multiple times? How do you not let your bitterness enter your entire being? I felt so bad for First Lady Daniels. In my opinion, she didn’t deserve what happened to her and I couldn’t fault her for her decision in the end. Pastor Daniels…on one side of the coin, I see the reason he did what he did. I mean, he only did what he grew up seeing. Now am I saying he was right?Absolutely not! But I get it. On the other side of the coin, he absolutely had no reason to cheat on his wife. They both made mistakes and I wish they could have come together and dealt with their issues but I also understand the reason she could not let it go a second time. And then to have the children caught up in the turbulent storm was just tragic…especially for Benson. Whew!! This was a great read! Ready for an emotional rollercoaster of a read? This is it! I can see the growth in your writing, C.Harris. Your pen game is lit! 😊. 5 stars!!! Amazon Reviewer

The Devil Wears Cartier Review