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I started writing and self-publishing novels in Jan. 2014 under a pen name. Writing stories has always been fun for me. I love to write novels that I would want to read, and therefore it was important that my books be drama-filled, yet good for the soul at the same time. 

When I found God and fell in love with Christ, my purpose started to unfold and I began to write christian novels under a new pen name C. Harris. Making the transition from one genre to the next wasn’t as easy as I expected. Much like when we transition in our faith, a painful pruning process had to shape me into a writer who could deliver Godly novels while making sure they still entertained. So for a year, I was stuck, and being stuck was painful. I thought I wasn’t cut out for this, I changed my mind a thousand times, yet eventually I found myself right back here. I rediscovered my love for writing and came back under my real name, Candace Harris. 

I have a husband of two years, lots of siblings, neices and nephews, and I can’t wait to have my first child to add to the bunch. My big dream is to mentor young ladies who have been sexually, physically, and verbally abused and to love them back to health. Follow me on social media, and sign up to recieve my emails if you want to take this journey with me. 

My Favorites…

The Devil Wears Cartier

I know what you did…

First Lady Melinda Daniels never imagined that receiving a text message with five little words would have the power to drive her to seek solace in a bottle of Belvedere. Her life suddenly spins with mayhem when a secret enemy starts lurking and plotting on her family. And when her deepest darkest secret is suddenly exposed in front of the entire church, she goes on a mission to find out just who this enemy is….

Fallin’ For Josiah

Danica Lewis is no stranger to a broken heart, but having survived heartbreak that would’ve killed most people, at best she’s a survivor. A fighter. A persevering damsel in desperate need of real love. Even though the toxic relationship she’s currently stuck in with her abusive, vindictive and unfaithful boyfriend Stone seems an impossible feat, Danica somehow manages to bear it. 

That is until she runs into Josiah Michaels….

Love & Other Lies We Tell

Stacy Cavanaugh has the perfect life from the outside looking in, but the unspoken lies between her and her husband Matthew have the potential to ruin everything. 

‘Till death do us part’ becomes impossible when Matthew suddenly disappears, and Stacy learns truths about her husband that spiral into her having to confront a few of her own…..


Just a few exciting highlights over my short author career! So excited to see these numbers grow! 

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Absolutely spellbinding…from the moment you begin the book, you are captured by the characters of the story. So well written, and relative to the times in which we, it takes you on a ride that leaves you wanting more. Can hardly wait for the sequel! Congrats and may you continue to be blessed in all of your future writing endeavors!


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