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Life on Carter Grave’s terms? 

If you haven’t read the book, let me stop you right here before you go any further. Click here and scoop The Way She Loves, and then come back to this email when you know what I’m talking about.  

For those of you who have finished the book, I have two words for you: Carter Graves. When Carter first scooped Nhalia from juvie, we were all cheering thinking he was about to swing in and save his long-lost daughter. Swoop her into a life of luxury, and watch her live a life she never imagined would ever be possible. But we all soon learned that life on Carter Grave’s terms, doesn’t quite go like that.  

Let’s Go Deeper… 

When you take a good, hard look at your life, can you honestly say that you’re living life on your terms? Can you honestly say that when you wake up everyday, you turn over to a man who still makes you warm inside, get up to go to a job you don’t despise, and are overall living a life you love? Let’s be real, things change. Over time, our desires change, our interests change, but at the core of all that change, happiness is still so freakin’ vital.  

What breaks my heart more than anything is to see the misery of unhappy people. They move day in and day out, a cynical point of view, mad at the world and if you’ve had the misfortune of ever having to be around someone like that, I hope you showed them love, cuz Lord knows they need it.  

I look at Cameron Graves, and how he and Tiff had dreams for their soon-to-be little family. With Tiffany pregnant, and the two of them just now starting to really explore their relationship with God, Cameron should’ve been allotted the opportunity to live life on his terms. Unfortunately for him, his father was too selfish to allow him that freedom. In Carter’s world, it was always all about him, and it was that very mentality that led him to his deathbed.  

I hurt for Cameron. I hurt over the fact that his life was cut short, and he hadn’t had the opportunity to really become who he wanted to become. He never got to go to medical school, and become the doctor he dreamed of being, and one thing that he made sure to warn Nhalia about was not to let her father steal her soul. I’m thinking he knew he was screwed before he even stepped to Carter, begging for his freedom.  

Sometimes we can have a bit of Carter Graves in our own lives, and maybe not a physical person but a bad habit, a job, a living situation, or poverty. Something that keeps us imprisoned in a life that stifles our true selves. The truth is, we can’t always change it in a day, or even a year, but we can commit to doing one thing every single day that will undoubtedly make us happier and get us one step closer to living a life of freedom, on our terms.  

Whether that’s a bubble bath, or jamming to your favorite album, putting in an hour every night to follow the real dream in your heart, whatever it is, let’s not wait to start living. Let’s choose to live now, and work to create the kind of life that will make us smile. After all, tomorrow may never come.  

With Love,

Candace Harris

P.S. I hope you guys realize how much you’re appreciated. Because of you, the book went number one.