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In Matthew Chapter 19 Peter asked the Lord what he will get in return for his sacrifices (or for leaving everything and following him). One thing I love about that verse is that it really shows Peter’s humanity. it makes them more humanlike. Because sometimes we do sacrifice certain things to live a Christian lifestyle and to follow Jesus.

And when you’re going through something tough or when you’re walking through a dry season it can feel like you’ve left this safe place to come out into the wilderness and you’re alone. Or that God has forgotten about you.

I love that Jesus was compassionate in his response to Peter. Because he could’ve told Peter, “even if I don’t give you anything else, I’ve given you enough.” Instead, Jesus reassures Peter of his importance in His life. And not only Peter but the rest of the disciples.

He tells him that at the renewal of all things they who have followed Him will sit on 12 thrones judging the 12 tribes of Israel. So basically, they who have followed Him will be blessed and honored above what they can probably even imagine.

It was so sweet that Jesus took that time to respond in love and to give his disciples that reassurance. Versus giving them what they deserved. The fact of the matter is if they were following Jesus or if they weren’t believers in Christ they would not have eternal life.

Following Him benefits the follower, not the man who is followed.

Finally, Jesus also reassures us who aren’t disciples. In verse 29 he says everyone who has left houses of brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for His sake will receive 100 times as much and will inherit internal life. Many who are first will be last and many who are last will be first.

As a Christian, we usually feel last. Especially if we are walking in the ways of God. We are not the popular ones in the world and in fact many people don’t like Christians at all simply because of what we are a reminder of. Or what we stand for.

But Jesus says that anything that we have ever given or sacrificed or done for him will not only be restored, but restored times 100.

That’s truly above anything that we can ask or think.

God is the greatest creator and the blessings, not even the physical or financial blessings, but the mental, spiritual, and emotional blessings that He can bestow upon us is worth anything we’ll ever give. It’s worth losing friendships, it’s worth having the unpopular belief, it’s worth complete submission and sacrifice from us. It’s so good to know that our walk is of value to God. He cares about it. And he’s never forgotten about us.

Have you ever had those moments when you felt like you were giving to God and He didn’t even care? Or that the little you’ve sacrificed to follow him (maybe losing a friend, or giving Him your time) didn’t really matter?

Let’s chat about it below.


Candace Harris