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Sage Parker thought she had it all until suddenly it all slipped away. Now, if she wants to be the woman she knows God has called her to be, she has no choice but to learn to Trust in Him.

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The Devil Wears Cartier

I know what you did…

First Lady Melinda Daniels never imagined that receiving a text message with five little words would have the power to drive her to seek solace in a bottle of Belvedere. Her life suddenly spins with mayhem when a secret enemy starts lurking and plotting on her family. And when her deepest darkest secret is suddenly exposed in front of the entire church, she goes on a mission to find out just who this enemy is.

Fallin’ For Josiah

Danica Lewis is no stranger to a broken heart, but having survived heartbreak that would’ve killed most people, at best she’s a survivor. A fighter. A persevering damsel in desperate need of real love. Even though the toxic relationship she’s currently stuck in with her abusive, vindictive and unfaithful boyfriend Stone seems an impossible feat, Danica somehow manages to bear it.

That is until she runs into Josiah Michaels…

Still, The Way We Love

Her casket was an ugly color.

Some weird grayish shade that didn’t sit well with me for whatever unknown reason.
“You good, babe?”
Nodding without so much as tearing my eyes away from what was slowly fading from my view, I answered a question I hadn’t even processed.
After all, this was my mother.

Was I supposed to be okay?


Love & Other Lies We Tell

Stacy Cavanaugh has the perfect life from the outside looking in, but the unspoken lies between her and her husband Matthew have the potential to ruin everything.

‘Till death do us part’ becomes impossible when Matthew suddenly disappears, and Stacy learns truths about her husband that spiral into her having to confront a few of her own….


Best Selling Author

Candace Harris

Writing books is not only a passion of mine, it’s my calling. I consider myself a struggling sinner who is working everyday to be a better Christian than I was yesterday.
To be able to write realistic fictional stories, about women who have many of the same problems real women struggle with is so dope.

I do this for the transformation.
My relationship with God has allowed me to transform in ways I never dreamed possible, and I’m so inspired to help others transform as well. I truly believe that we as a human race live so far below our potential and most of that has to do with strongholds and flawed mentalities that we are blinded by.

My books are clean reads (unless otherwise stated) but I deal with issues that are all too real in the lives of so many women. Abuse, rape, drug addictions, sicknesses, infidelity, and a multitude of other things are just some of the various matters I touch on. If those topics are too harsh for you, you may not like my stories! If not, I would love for you to try one out and let me know what you think!

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Does God Care About Our Sacrifices?

Does God Care About Our Sacrifices? In Matthew Chapter 19 Peter asked the Lord what he will get in return for his sacrifices (or for leaving everything and following him). One thing I love about that verse is that it really shows Peter’s humanity. Because the truth of...

Overcoming Shame

I believe shame is one the most debilitating, imprisoning struggles we as Christian women face. Sometimes it squeaks by in our lives so undetectable that it takes root and becomes who we are, and it affects nearly every decision we make (or don’t make). Out of anger,...

Consider the Lilies: A Short Story Experience

Coral I let it be known that I was fragile. I didn’t hide it, beat around the bush, paint on a plastic smile, or lie and say, “I’m fine.” Comfortable with the storm, sunlight was a façade when my husband came to me with such a fallacy called love. In my deep places, I...

Life on Carter Grave’s Terms

Life on Carter Grave’s terms? If you haven’t read the book, let me stop you right here before you go any further. SPOILER ALERT!!! Click here and scoop The Way We Love, and then come back to this post when you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who have...

What Does God Think About You?

Inspired by the Joyce Meyer Sermon– How Your Mind Affects Your Walk with God This entire blog post is sermon-inspired, but I thought it was such an important message that I put in my own two cents. I can say without reserve that my mind has affected my walk with God...

The Battle of Progress

How often do we think of ourselves as failures? How often do we stress about the fact that we're not where we wish we would've been "by now" and so we assume we don't have what it takes. There are so many people giving advice about what it takes successful, and if...

Christianity Ain’t Roses

I think sometimes as a Christian I expect myself to have this consistent centered and peaceful life. I’m guilty of having an all or nothing approach that can be damaging at times. Lately I’ve been dealing with a multitude of spiritual battles and secret battles that...

What Readers Say…


ON...Love & Other Lies We Tell

I don’t know why I bypassed this book so many times… I was caught up in the first paragraph. This book just flowed; an easy but profound book that dealt with betrayal, molestation, marriage, faith and much more. Not preachy, but an underlying tone that God’s grace is sufficient and just pray. The characters, issues and reactions were real. There was a backstory to the characters so you could relate to what they felt and how they reacted.



On...The devil wears cartier

Wow! WOW! The Devil Wears Cartier was phenomenal! Just when I thought I couldn’t be shocked another secret or act came out that made my jaw drop. This book is very realistic as I found myself actually believing the events in the story could happen in any church around the globe when lust and power go unchecked. Everything done in the dark will eventually come to the light. I was convicted when I scoffed at Malachi repeatedly sinning but then asking God for repentance. I’m no different in my dealings. I know better but still do wrong and nothing but the true (not watered down or sugar coated) power of Jesus can allow change to reign supreme. Key points of the book: Pride is a heck of a drug *said like Rick James* and it destroys anyone who wears it like a cloak. Secrets hold people hostage so it’s better to be honest and not let things fester. This book was so well written!

– Stephanie jones


On...Fallin' For Josiah

Wow. This book started out with a bang. I was stuck. The story of Danica and Stone had me shaking my head, blowing out breaths and wanting to jump in the pages. To often stoeies like this are real and so many are in the fight for their lives due to whatever reason for them. Abuse is never okay and to read this story was heart breaking, but in the end, God used Josiah to get His message across. So often, we reject a blessing because of how it looks. Outstanding read. The writer told this story effortlessly and there were no long periods of dialogue. To the point and moving right along. Loved it.

– lynette l. shelton

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