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Release Date: November 30








Lost & Redeemed

Christian Romance Novel

Vana Winterhousen is an alcoholic who’s struggled with alcoholism since she was thirteen years old. 

She’s been maintaining until one day her actions put her 7-year-old daughter’s life at stake, and her husband Sam decides he’s had enough. 

Sam gives her an ultimatum that if she doesn’t go to rehab, he will divorce her. 

When Vana refuses, all hell breaks loose in their life and their marriage.

Best Selling Author

Candace Harris

Writing books is not only a passion of mine, it’s my calling.

To be able to write real stories, about women, with real struggles, and weave in spiritual elements that show the way God moves in our lives is my blessing.

I released my first book in December of 2013 and was surprised when so many people I didn’t know downloaded, read it, and left awesome reviews! 

I’m a wife, sister, friend, and one day I hope to be somebody’s mama 🙂 

If you want to find out more about me go to my website:

Other Books


On "Fallin' For Josiah"

This book was awesome from beginning to end. It is a wonderful reminder of how much God loves us. He loves us through our inefficiencies, our failures, and our past mistakes. He accepts us just as we are. Thank you so much for this great work!

– AC (Amazon Reviewer)


On "The Devil Wears Cartier"

Stop reading whatever you are currently reading, bookmark it, and start reading TDWC NOW!!! This is a page-turner, that I promise will have you up all night until the very end!! And…what an ending! WOW!!!! Great job C. Harris!!!

– Readerholic (Amazon Reviewer)


On "Love & Other Lies We Tell"

Absolutely spellbinding… from the moment you begin the book, you are captured by the characters of the story. So well written, and relative to the times in which we live. It takes you on a ride that leaves you wanting more. Can hardly wait for the sequel! Congrats and may you continue to be blessed in all of your future writing endeavors!

– Amazon Reviewer