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Entertain. Inspire. Transform.

About Me

Writing books is not only a passion of mine, it’s my calling.

To be able to write real stories, about women, with real struggles, yet weave in spiritual elements that really show the way God moves in our lives is my blessing.

For a long time, I wasn’t sure about what I really wanted to do as a writer, but after months of literally being unable to write, and pretty much giving up on it all, I realized why.

I do this for the transformation.

My relationship with God has allowed me to transform in ways I never dreamed possible. My attitude, my business, my relationships, my marriage, my body, all of those areas of my life has transformed for the better and I’m inspired to help others transform as well.

My mission has always been to love on hurting women and to encourage them to continue growing in Christ so that they can truly experience a life of freedom.

My novels may make you cry, but they’ll also make you laugh, scream, and shout with joy until the very last page. They’re fast-paced and written with blood, sweat, and sometimes tears.

As you get to know me not only as an author but as your sister in Christ I hope you see that all I want to do is help you to create a life-changing transformation. I strive to entertain you with my books, but if you go a little deeper you’ll also see that my characters grow. They confront their deepest fears and they ultimately blossom into better people. That’s my prayer for each and every one of my readers. I want us all to be living our best lives NOW!!!


Candace Harris

Latest Release

I know what you did…

First Lady Melinda Daniels never imagined that receiving a text message with five little words would have the power to drive her to seek solace in a bottle of Belvedere. Her life, which usually entails church duties and keeping a tight eye on her husband and children, suddenly spins with mayhem when a secret enemy starts lurking and plotting on her family. And when her deepest darkest secret– that she murdered a woman, is suddenly exposed in front of the entire church, she goes on a mission to find out just who this enemy is.


Twisted love affairs & Cartier watches have quickly become a way of life for Pastor Malachi Daniels, despite his desires to remain an upstanding husband, father, and man of God. As head pastor of one of the largest mega churches in his city, Malachi has a reputation to uphold. Yet, the skeletons slipping from behind the doors of his lavish closet stand to threaten every little thing he’s worked so hard to attain–and this time, he may just lose it all.

So, what happens when the word of God reigns true? What happens when the hidden secrets of Malachi & Melinda Daniels finally see the light for all to witness?